How do you hear God’s voice?

Video 1: How do you hear God’s voice?

Please comment below and let me know: What was the highlight for you in this video?
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  1. What stood out to me was the simple way God spoke through a vision of almonds and how easily we can discount His message. I’m afraid I often expect something spectacular to happen when God speaks to me like a burning bush or writing on the wall and forget that He speaks in a still small voice (or picture of almonds ?). I pray to believe that He wants to speak to me and I just need to be still and wait on Him and BELIEVE. Great start to this course on hearing God Dean. Thanks so much!! Looking forward to the next video(s)

    1. Thanks Marg! It’s so true, isn’t it – that we want God to speak how we want him to, but we can’t force God to do things our way

  2. It is comforting to know I am not alone. I am also an entrepreneur who is a one woman office and trying to juggle being a wife, mother, and student so I could really identify with your story. So many times I have stepped out in faith on something I believed was from the Lord only to miserably fail. So agyer a while I became afraid to trust what was hearing, thinking it was all in my head. Your video gives me hope that I can trust myself to hear the voice of God again.

    1. Yes, absolutely! There’s confusion around knowing when it’s God’s voice, but then also whether or not failure was always part of the plan, right? Do you know that there’s times in the Bible when God leads and his leading is backtracking, or in other words, failure? I’ll get into this more in the course for sure.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts. Sometimes when I think I am hearing Him, I wonder if it is my thoughts and then after listening I have a peace, and acknowledge Him. A lot of this happens when I am meditating but also during the day something will happen and i will laugh because He is in my midst and realize it was Him that solved a problem. He is always with me and that’s something I have become keenly aware of since meditating. Would love to hear more of your take on hearing God. Have a blessed and joyful day.

  4. Thank you for addressing something that has been a huge question for me.
    My question is how do when you are not sure but you do not want to not be obedient to Gods instructions.

  5. That’s funny, I was just doing the ‘hearing God’ meditation today where you mention seeing a picture of an apple at the beginning! Amen for God speaking through confirmation. Now I just have to figure out what to do with that 🙂

    1. This course is going to use the Hearing God meditation series as its “homework” – should be really good. Thanks for posting

  6. Thank you. Enjoyed it so much. I especially like the part about the walnuts. Even when we twist things around, God is so patient with us and works things out anyway!

  7. Resonated with your point – even given all the religious training you received – that you were never taught how to hear God. I, too, had 3 years of confirmation classes, earned my undergraduate degree from a religious affiliated university that required 2 years of religion classes, served for 7 years as church organist, etc., – but never was instructed how to hear God. Appreciated the almond account! Thank you, and I look forward to viewing future videos.

  8. This part if my relationship that I really struggle in and I really want to know the difference between my thoughts and God. Please help me.

  9. I want to hear GOD. I want him to guide me in this life. I pray that he will live in me and change my directions. I look forward to the next teachong. GOD bless you for all you do in JESUS name Amen

  10. Dean,
    Thank you so much for your insights on this subject. What stood out to me most was the picture of “almonds in your hand” and then the confirmation of God speaking when the gentleman was praying for you. I am 75 years old and have sought God and H is voice for many many years. Often I have heard Him speak in the silence of my heart, but did not realize it was Him until circumstances clarified that what I had heard was really Him. I surely have not gotten “hearing from Him” pinned down yet and love your insights and those of others and their comments.
    Thank you so much for the meditations. They and you have deeply touched my life and have been a vehicle God has used to draw me closer to Him.
    Many blessings,

  11. Thank you Dean!
    One of many ways to hear from the Lord.
    I, too am looking forward to your next video!
    Stay Blessed!

  12. Dean thanks for your inspiring message. God has truly chosen you to help others understand the meaning of the message of hope. I am waiting on Gods voice to lead me in the right direction. I so desire to follow the path that has been laid out for me. Please pray for me as I am remaining patient to hear from God.

    Your Brother in Christ,

  13. First of all thank you so much in being obedient to God to share what He has placed on your heart. What really stood out to me is how God spoke to you in such a simple way and you questioned it because it didn’t make sense and I too have the tendency to do that . I was just reading where God said His thoughts and ways are higher than ours. He knows are weakness and yet our longing to hear His voice . I’m looking forward to your next video. May the Lord use you mightily to help others come closer and go deeper in their relationship with Jesus. All to the Glory of God. Thank you again Dean , God Bless You..

    1. Thanks Linda. I love how you said that: his thoughts are higher than ours. A recurring theme in my life is that God know what he’s doing!

  14. I have frequently asked these questions about whether it is God that I am hearing or if it is my own thoughts speaking. I have had a longstanding question running through my mind about whether to serve the Lord in another country for longer than a short period of time and I seem to be unable to know it is the Lord speaking to me about the details. I know when it is something clearly stated in the Word but after that I have not been taught quite what it would look like or sound like if it is or isn’t theLord. I want to understand this better so I look forward to future videos.Thank you.

  15. Loved your story. I like how frequently when I’m not sure if something is from God or not then there will be confirmation from another person that makes it clear. Wish I could hear from God on my schedule and not his.

  16. Key: discerning whose voice, tuning the “ear” that hears in the midst of life’s suffering and joy (managing the signal-to-noise ratio), and knowing when to wait or act.

    Wonderful stories and thanks for leading!

  17. Thank you Dean.
    What really stood out to me is how God will often use something so simple and at the moment we tend to think it’s nothing, and sometimes we even change it a bit like you did with the almonds & walnuts. Yet, God will give us confirmation that is direct to the original He spoke to us, the almonds.
    I am excited to learn more about how to really know if it’s God or me. Sometimes I also wonder if God is giving confirmation on a matter of if it’s that I want to hear so desperately from Him that I convince myself a specific thing is confirmation from God.

  18. I am so excited you are addressing this question! ! All the years of reading the Bible, ” and God spoke”… to Adam to Moses, to Abraham,to Noah, etc. and it always was so clear. The words, the directives, and the actions needed to be undertaken. And you are correct, where has this ever been addressed? No church I have attended, ( and there have been many) never addressed the subject , How does God speak to me today? I loved the vividness of the picture of the almonds, and even your word walnuts instead, was still carried out to perfection in the blessing. Thank you for this video and the rest to come.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts – it’s true, even in books that seem like they should address it, I’ve found the actual instructions so lacking or vague

  19. So far, so good! Only heard one video but plan on watching more. Sounds like it may be something I’ve been seeking. Glad to hear you come from a Pentecostal background. I too am Pentecostal but I am burnt out on the phony, fleshly, extremist, fanatical, etc. aspects of what goes on as it relates to experiences from the Lord. May God bless you and use you in what you are doing.

  20. Excellent video and right on point. I work for a Faith based ministry and am always asking God for discernment for hearing his voice and ensuring that I am fulfilling his purpose and direction for my life. I look forward to your future videos on this subject. Blessings and God’s Speed. Alan.

  21. The highlight for me is when God speaks He always gives revelation. You visioned almonds, so God had someone to prayer about your vision almonds blossoming like an almond tree.

  22. I loved the image of the handful of almonds and how God gave you the promise of fruit, later confirmed by the prayer and prophesy of your business blossoming like almond trees, the process leading to fruit. I love it when God shows us the end and then gives us faith for the journey there 🙂

  23. Hi I enjoyed listening to your presentation today. May years ago –like 25-30 years ago, I on 2 different occasions verbally heard God speak to me. Each time I received a response from him was when I asked him a question. A once sentence question. Both were simple questions, and I wasn’t really expecting to hear Him respond, but He did answer immediately. I was taken off guard a bit, but not shaken by hearing Him. And both His answers were personal and meaningful, but short and simple. But I’ve continually wondered why he hasn’t spoken to me since. Is there a step 2 to the process of hearing from God. I’d love to hear His wisdom and knowledge spoken verbally in my head again. Hope to hear more from you on this subject.

    1. Hi Rita, thanks for sharing that story – both meaningful and relevant. Be sure to check out the other videos!

  24. I have actually heard the Lord’s voice a few years ago when I was meditating he said do not fear for I am the Lord your God and I love you then I passed out. I have difficulty seeing what he’s trying to tell me in Daily works but lots of times I see it in hindsight

  25. I do hear God speak to me from time to time, but not as often as I would like. I think that the problem is me, that He actually speaks to us more than we realize. I think I need to be more open to listening to Him.

  26. It’s seems God reaffirms His message ie. your vision and another person’s prayer with the same “message”. Thank you for your intro.