Can you learn to hear God’s Voice?

Video 3: Can you learn to hear God’s Voice?

As always, please post your thoughts, questions, and highlights below.

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  1. I have a hard time telling the difference between my emotions/feelings/thoughts and Gods actual voice. It causes me anxiety because I feel like I never know are thins I doing or thinking just me or is it from him? How can you know the difference?

    1. Rebecca, I think that’s one of the reasons it took me so long to really believe it was even possible. I was surrounded by people hearing God and proclaiming they knew what God was saying as I grew up. Yet I was sure about any of it. But once I began I knew there was no turning back. 2 quick thoughts: 1) The principles in the Hearing God course are great guidelines to enable you to discern the differences. 2) Certainty is in some ways the opposite of faith. You do need to be willing to embrace uncertainty and humility.

  2. I have the same problem, how do I know if its God speaking to me when I read the Bible, or is it just me thinking that it is. I get confused and then it causes me anxiety and depression. Please answer my questions. thank you, God bless you, Vicki

  3. Thank you Dean, for these videos; they are exciting, challenging and thought provoking. It seems to me, for all of us involved on your site, we have already heard from God by being here. I don’t believe anything is by chance, so I am totally delighted with this fascinating encounter, arranged by His Hand.

  4. Thank you! This video served as confirmation for me. I want more of God. I want to be positioned where deep calls to deep! My greatest frustration or feeling alone even comes when God is silent and I am left waiting and wanting to hear from God. Kim Donovan

  5. I can definetly relate to what others have been saying. Lately Inhave been hearing many different voices and having dreams and visions and have been very concerned that I am uncertain about who is speaking and the meanings of them. It helps me to know I am not the only one tha experiences uncertainty and anxiety about it. I’d like to thank you Dean for your ministry and for being a valuable member of our family and helping us in our battle. I would also like to ask that we pray for my wife Kathie she is in a very tough situation and struggling with some deep issues. Thank you all may you all feel Gods love and guidance in your lives.

  6. What stood out to me in this video was the Question: What would it be like to live life with Purpose? I am newly semi-retired and in transition from working full time to having a lot of discretionary time and wanting to re-evaluate what living life with Purpose looks like during semi-retirement. I am excited about hearing what God speaks to me over the weeks and months to come.

  7. I was dating this man and we got in a argument and we didn’t talk for a while and I was in my bedroom and I asked God, Jesus, and my Angels, why can’t I forget him and I heard in my heart or mind, call him and I did and we have a strong relationship with each other, I did hear being told to call him and I took my chances, Thank you God.

  8. Thank you Mr. Dean I have enjoyex this time with you I was worried wben GOD be slient I know it’s his will and timing for everything. I pray and go to church we I don’t go I watch the church service on tv. I want to here GOD’S voice so I know what I’m doing is pleasing to him. Starting today I’m going to spend more time in the word and talking to him. And I have to be still listen and wait on the LORD.I thank you so much for your time and may GOD bless you to continue your work

  9. I am looking forward to what is ahead, thank you Dean. I used to feel really connected to God, I believed I was hearing from God and I followed by Faith what I felt God was telling me. Many things have changed over the last 4 years and now I am so confused. Even struggling to hang in there. I feel I have lost so much and spiritually I am fighting but feel as if I am not getting anywhere. I feel so disconnected, I used to be able to pray and converse with God now I just don’t even have words to say. Maybe it’s still the grieving process of losing my 28 year old son in Sept 2017 a suspicious death and to this day have no answers. I don’t know but I really need help and I will continue as long as I have strength to fight for my relationship with God but His silence is beginning to take a toll on me. Not sure how much longer I can hold on if I don’t get something, I pray this series is the something He is sending through you!

    1. Thanks Krista, that’s a really tough thing to go through and I appreciate your willingness to share it. You’re not alone! I pray that God would reveal his presence to you during these struggles and that you would receive his assurance.

  10. I have been going through some very difficult times. I am studying more on my own and as I am studying, on various topics, various ways, I feel I may be being led to these topics as answers and as God’s voice to me. Repeated verses I come across for example. Is this a way we hear him? I been so lost in difficult times, I’m not trusting my judgment. Thank you.

  11. When my Dad killed himself prior to my surrender to the Lord, I was planning to kill myself and my 2 children. Suddenly a loud, firm voice in my head said, “Don’t do it, get help.” I know that was God because no one else knew my plans and no one was around me. That was 35 years ago. Obviously I had no choice but to listen and get help. Thank you God for saving me and my children, who are now adults.

    1. Wow, what a story. Thank for for posting it here. There are many lessons in that story so I appreciate you letting us know

  12. I am excited to be listening as this topic has been on my heart and we have started a series on praying through scripture at my church…emphasis on Hearing God and sharing His words with each other.

    My first experience of hearing God was in my journaling time in prayer when I received the following message.
    I started by writing:

    Come Holy Spirit set my soul on fire.
    Bestow your love upon me and give all that you desire.
    Strengthen me and hold me upon your strong white wings.
    Lead me Lord and guide me through all life’s little things.

    Then. I wrote what I belived the Lord was sharing.

    For now as morning is broken and the dawn is wet with dew
    There is much for you to offer and much here to renew
    A bright and shining pilot to lead others to My grace
    Forever do I give you and set for you this place
    Take this gift and share it and in your heart be known
    That I am here to love you and you are still my own
    For there are times of hardship and the sorrows that you see
    Shall be lifted from the threshold and brougt on bended knee
    And offered to the Father and placed before the Son
    Through all lifes tribulations the greater glories are won
    So with these inspirations and confort from above
    I give to hou My blessings and a gift to the one I love!

  13. Thank you Dean.

    I have experienced God and his voice a few times. I work with children with autism and often they interact with you where you may feel as though they are not aware of your presence, and most children I work with are non-verbal. I tend to whisper to them, “I see you.. ” It just is something I do from time to time when connecting with a child. I heard Jesus’ voice when I attended a course at my church called ENCOUNTER WEEKEND. And, it was during this weekend we had a meditation (walk with Jesus). It was on this walk where Jesus was leading me (holding my hand) on a walk at the beach, and at one point he turned to me and said very lovingly, “I see you” – where II fell to the ground and sobbed uncontrollably. I was not expecting Him to say that at all.. and was completely blown away by His words.

    Another time, I was being prayed on by one of my Pastors and I was very pregnant at the time. When the pastor stood over me in prayer an opening came above me and I could feel light everywhere around me.. The Pastor said, “As your baby is growing your faith is growing.. God is very pleased with you.. ” And, when he finished blessing over me and proceeded to the next person, the opening above me closed.

    One time, I attended a class called the CONNECT. During my sleep after my first day, I was awoken by God. He proceeded to have a very long conversation with me. He showed me “videos” of times of my life (good and bad) and told me he was with me at each moment. This experience made me laugh out loud at times and brought me to tears at times.. Also, I went to school to study 3D animation and worked in animation for 9 years.. there was a clip he kept playing of Elsa, from Frozen, singing “Let it GO..” and I was in tears (joy) when he commented on the irony of using a 3D animated character to communicate to me: “Let it go..”

    There was a speaker at our church that once said connection with God is like a game of chess.. when we make a MOVE toward God in faith, we see or hear of feel him through pictures, word, verses… I always think of the verse “seek and you shall find me”.

    I get very busy and distracted with life and my two children. I have joined this group to slow down my time and connection. It is in my heart to connect more with the word and with meditation, but it is not a daily practice. I know a REAL relationship can exist with God and I have felt it. I want to be better on my part in accessing Him.

    Thank you for all your videos. It is my first day here finding your website and I am most appreciative. I am on DAY 1 of your meditation and enjoyed it.

    Many blessings,


    1. Hi Annette,

      Thanks for sharing! It sounds like you’ve been doing this for a while and I’d encourage you to keep going! It’s a wonderful way to live and to enjoy God. I pray that your words would inspire others who read them.