Getting More From the Almond Story

Video 2: Getting More From the Almond Story

Again, please comment below and let me know what the highlight was for you in this video.
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  1. Thank you for your video. What stood out for me personally was “God’s silence” and what it can mean. I am looking forward to meditating on Christ and going deeper with my faith.

  2. Thanks Dean !
    What stood out for me was the comment about the “flavor” of when the Lord speaks. I never knew what to say about the “you know when you know” except I would say, “confident impression”; but, the “flavor” is so distinct, such a wonderful description. THANKS AGAIN.

  3. So many people say ” lean in” or ” press in”…. what does that practically mean and look like? Excellent video by the way.

  4. “Flavor immediately brought to mind Psalm 34:8 (ESV): “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man [or woman!] who takes refuge in him!”

    The two “pop-outs” were SILENCE and TIMING, and they’re somewhat intertwined. I probably need to adjust my expectations that I’m entitled (God forgive me!) to a full, comprehensive explanation–as though God works for me, and needs to explain His plan. That He sometimes gives only bits and pieces through images, words, etc. isn’t stinginess on His part–as if He is withholding something that’s mine by right (God forgive me here, too!)–but it’s His wisdom and mercy. Were He to reveal His whole plan, I’d likely quit in fear and curl up in the fetal position! He knows when I’m equipped and ready for what He’s calling me and you to, and it simply takes time.

  5. I felt drawn to the thought that maybe I am “boxing God in” with my perspective of what hearing God is all about. Maybe I need to ” free up” the C.S. Lewis image of God as the unruly lion and start being aware in a whole new way.

    1. Yes, and that’s a much more freeing way to live actually. The perspective that God “has you,” but at the same time is “wild” opens you up to so many more adventures in faith.

  6. What stood out for me is that while we want and wait for the big answers to our prayers God often speaks to us about the underlying little things deep within us; and we not realizing that these little things put together may be the answer we are waiting for. If we are not open and listening to the messages addressing the little things we may miss God’s answer.

    Thank you Dean.

  7. Great video. What really stood out to me was that I may have the wrong focus sometimes which may be why my wait or silence from God seems so long sometimes. If I am focused on listening for an answer to a specific thing I want to hear about, God may not actually be being silent, He may be speaking to me about what He desires for me to hear but if I am not listening allowing Him to speak to me freely then I may be waiting when He is already speaking. I know He will whisper to me and not shout to force me to hear. The intent to hear God should be to grow deeper in relationship with Him. My heart desires to hear what He wants to say. Otherwise I would be wanting just a problem solver or advisor, not a God.
    I also feel clearer that not always are things confirmed. I think if they were then we would be stuffed in our faith.
    Thank you Dean, looking forward to the next video.
    Will these be kept on the website so we can review them again as we need.?

    1. That’s a great insight for you, and I think one that is probably very common to others as well. re: the videos, yes they will be kept here for now (EDIT: Actually, they may be pulled down in about a week – thanks for the question, it made me think it through)

  8. Thank you Dean, I so appreciate your work and honesty. The note I wrote down was on how simple the message from God might be, a picture, word, verse or a thought. It seems like I sit in the silence of waiting a lot when I try to hear God, yet have definitely had my moments when I “knew” it was God speaking. It seems that perhaps I hear more from God when I am praying for someone else, although my most powerful “cling to Christian moments” have been when he spoke to me about me. What a gift it is whenever we recognize that God has spoken to us in that way. Having said that it makes me sad to think how I have come to count as normal the prompting of the Holy Spirit in my mundane daily life— that too is God speaking. Great topic thanks again!

    1. That’s an interesting point: hearing for/about others might be easier because then your own desires don’t cloud it up. My feeling though is that most people wouldn’t feel as comfortable voicing that to other people than for themselves.

  9. I love the Narnia Series and the deep truths C.S. Lewis reveals through the stories. Indeed God is not a tame lion! Yet our present entitled culture can tend to lead us to believe God owes us some things – I love how you talk about God maybe speaking to us about below the surface things rather than the top of mind issues we’re expecting to hear about.
    His silence leads us to tarry, to wait on Him, to hunger and thirst for His Presence rather than quick answers.
    I meet with so many who have been believers for years and years but are unsure of how to hear God – it is a blessing to walk with people as they discover they can!

  10. How do you keep going when it’s been one major trial after another for 4 yrs….the latest with my home being flooded and mold taking over! Im stuck and can’t get out! I pray! I go to church! Titheing, praising God, being aware of obedience the best I can, sowing seeds…..My prayers and gratitude are repetitious! Is this what they mean “dry bones?” I sure could use your advice!

  11. When God seems silent I feel He waiting for me to read His Word – not always but frequently and interestingly enough I feel I get confirmation for something from 3 places- a verse, a person mentions it, my Pastor includes it in a sermon or a book/article mentions it. If I keep seeing a theme coming up, then I know I should lean into it.

  12. What stood out for me is definitely the part that “God loves you” and maybe He IS speaking to you about the inner things not what’s on top of YOUR priority list. This world has gotten so fast and so overwhelming and so polluted that maybe that’s just what we need to hear!!! God always know best. Be still. Thank you for this!!!!

  13. Can’t really say that anything stood out as I watched the video. I am just thoroughly enjoying listening to your insights and thoughts; and thank you for taking the time to do this.

  14. Enjoyed the video sometimes I feel that God wants me to draw closer to him even when I can’t hear him it’s what is in my thoughts we have been going through difficult times with my grandson and I know God will be there

  15. Good Morning,
    I am enjoying the videos. What stood out for me was “confirmation”. About 18 months ago God told me He wanted me to go back to a place I lived for 12 years but left because of a conflict I had. I always loved it there but I never had the desire to go back until that happened. It was so clear that It had an almost electric feel to it. I have been looking for a confirmation for that since then, but now I know He wants me to have faith. A bible passage came up that I say everyday.. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was even on my best friends Christmas card that she sent me!!

    1. That’s a great story. That different quality to God’s voice is something that I’d like to talk more about, but that’s a very descriptive comment “so clear that it had an almost electric feel to it.” Thanks!

  16. GOD’s silence stood out more I thought it was cause he was mad at me but I realize it’s his timing and I have to learn to wait on him . He knows whats best for me and he is in control. Thank you Sir for all you do keeping us focus. GOS bless you

    1. Good insight Margaret. I do believe that it’s generally a mistake to think of God’s silence as punishment.

  17. Is it okay to “ hear from God” through other people/other believers giving prophetic predictions about my life? As an example, I had a friend who told me to leave my good-paying job. It happens that approximately 1 month after I left, the education department of the company (which was my role) was audited and shut down by the federal government. Further, another friend “saw me ministering” on a hill. My question expands to: can/should I be able to get these “messages from God” myself??????

    I enjoyed both videos and look forward to the next one. BLESSINGS!

    1. Great question Linda, and my short response is yes. In fact, I think that when someone tells you a prophecy or simply that they heard from God about you, that should be confirming what God is speaking to you already (or in the future). So that implies that you’re already hearing from God doesn’t it? It is wonderful when someone else hears something for you, but it’s most powerful when it confirms what you’ve heard.

  18. Awesome. So much here. First of all “Believe”. It’s our identity, who we are, believers. If we don’t believe God is speaking to us, we won’t hear Him. “If you who are evil give good gifts to your children, how much MORE….”. We speak to our children. How much more, better & often does God speak to us? Love the description used for hearing “flavor”, “something here is different”. Describes my experience & is somewhat of a confirmation for me. Love the reminder that we are not dealing with a Tame Lion I love our loving, gentle Lord, but don’t like to forget that He is The Lion of Judah. I believe the only time He might not be speaking is when we are supposed to be “doing” something. I don’t speak to my children all day long….they need to accomplish all that they are here to accomplish. That includes my silence, at times. But so much of the time God will not speak “further” on a topic, for a time. He’ll talk with us about all kinds of things, but He won’t tell us what we already know, what He’s already confirmed, until there is actually more to tell, right? We get hyper focused on the “thing” He spoke about, He doesn’t 🙂 Sorry for the long post. I’m very thankful for this site and hope you’ll keep speaking to us! God bless you.

  19. Really enjoyed all 3 videos but your almond story really demonstrated how God can talk to us. This really helped me understand how this could happen. It gives me a lot to think about. I liked the fact that your videos are short and to the point. I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you Charleen

  20. I loved the quote that “Hearing God is sometimes as simple as: a Word, a Picture, a Verse, a Thought.” My most profound experience of hearing God’s voice was a Question while driving my car alone during a long move from one city to another… I heard God ask me: Ruth, do you trust Me? (Out loud I answered: Yes, Papa, I trust You.) For the next 10-20 minutes the Question was the same: Ruth, do you trust Me if ….. followed by every imaginable scenario during a life transition of moving. (Out loud I answered each time: Yes, Papa, I trust You.). Wow! by the time I was closer to my new home town, I had completely surrendered to each and every thing that God might allow to happen to me in the next season of my life! I still lean into that Question whenever life delivers a bump in the journey.

    1. Beautiful story Ruth, thanks for sharing it. That’s a wonderful example of how God speaks to us and how to respond.

  21. Excellent video. Thank you. I’ve gone through a looong time of silence. Years. I do appreciate your “revelations”.