Our Referral Program

We Have 2 Referral Products

Program #1: Hearing God 100%

This is the referral program for the Hearing God Course. When you share the Hearing God personalized link with your friends, family, and contacts:

[icon_list][icon_list_item style=”color: green;” type=”check”]You get 100% commission on the initial program fee[/icon_list_item] [/icon_list]

This is a great way to share the Hearing God course, as well as earn extra income.

NOTE: This program does NOT pay recurring commissions as Program 2 (below) does.

Program #2: Give 30 Get 30

This is the main Meditate On Christ program. When you share this personalized link to Meditate on Christ with your friends, family, and contacts:

[icon_list] [icon_list_item style=”color: green;” type=”check”]They get 30% off Meditate On Christ![/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item style=”color: green;” type=”check”]You get 30% commission back![/icon_list_item] [/icon_list]

This is a great way to spread the news, give back to Meditate on Christ, as well as earn extra income.

Give 30% Off

When you refer people, we will give them a 30% off coupon code to be used at purchase of one of our memberships: monthly, yearly, or lifetime.  *The code is given after they listen to the first day.  It is encouraged that you tell people this, that way they get to try it out, and then they get the coupon.

Get 30% Back

When someone you referred joins Meditate on Christ, you get 30% of their purchase paid back to you.  That’s right, if they purchase a Lifetime Membership for $397, using their coupon it will cost them only $277.90 and you’d get $83.37 paid back to you.

PLUS, all recurring membership payments we will also pay you 30%.  Each and every month, for monthly members and each and every year for yearly members.

Set Up

You Need:
  • A PayPal account.  All payments are made through PayPal, no checks or bank deposits will be made.
  • To be a current member.  This is not open to non-members, for the simple reason that we want high quality referrals from people who believe in our mission and products and who use them.
  • To supply a personal or corporate tax ID, like a SSN (social security number, US) or SIN (social insurance number, CAN), or a corporation tax number.
We will:
  • Pay the 30% on all recurring payments!  This means that if someone you referred buys a yearly membership, you will get paid 30% on their initial purchase, and every year after that too!  Or, if monthly, you will be paid on every month after that too.
  • Pay you for the month before last, each month.  Because there is a 30 day refund period, we wait until that time is over to pay referrals.  For Example: If your referral results in a membership purchase on Jan 5, we will pay the referral fee to you in March.  The 30 days expires Feb 5, and then payments are made the month following.
  • Pay when a $20 threshold is reached.  If you have less than $20 in referrals, your account will accumulate until you reach or exceed $20.


All referral tracking is done by “Affiliate Royal” a product of Caseproof, LLC.  Only those commissions tracked by the software will be valid.  In case of disagreement between the User and Affiliate Royal software, the Affiliate Royal software will be deemed correct.  There is a 60 day window on the tracking cookies that we use.


We have a zero tolerance policy for spamming.  If, at our sole discretion, we believe you are spamming with our referral links, we will shut down your account and any or all commissions earned up to that point will be void and unpayable.

All currency is USD.

Meditate on Christ is owned and operated by Solomon Websites Inc. and all payments will be from Solomon Websites Inc.

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