Give a Membership

Giving a membership to someone else

Great, thanks for your interest in helping someone else experience the benefits of Meditate On Christ.

Since we are a small startup, and keeping costs down is a priority we don’t have a simple giving form to fill out. But it can still be done!

Here’s How To Do It:

  • Select the Plan on the Pricing Page

    Head on over to the pricing page

  • Fill in all the details as yourself

    The address must match the payment info, which is going to be yours – so fill it in as though you are buying it for yourself

  • Except for these 3 items are theirs

    1. Use their email address
    2. Create a new username for them
    3. Create a new password for them

  • After the Purchase Make These Changes

    Login as them (using the username and password you just entered) and then:

    1. Change the address to their address
    2. Edit the Subscription (under Account > Subscriptions)
      • Cancel it if you only want to pay the first payment
      • Or, leave it if you want to continue paying for them (monthly or yearly)

After the process is complete, they will receive all the welcome emails and information (including the receipt).

NOTE: If you need the receipt, you’ll need to ask them to forward it to you.

Order By Phone

Instead of all those steps, you can order over the phone.  Call me at 1-877-523-2177 during business hours and I can do all that work for you and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for your understanding

I know this is inconvenient, but programming functionality that isn’t included with our software is just a little out of our reach yet. But you giving a membership helps!