What posture should I use when I meditate?

Kneeling, head bowed, hands folded… that seems like the classic Christian prayer position, doesn’t it?

Or, when you think “meditation” does some kind of yoga pose come to mind?  Sitting on the floor, legs crossed, hands on your knees?

Neither one is what I’d suggest you use.

Simply sit in a chair.  Sit up straight and still.

Here’s why:

You’re going to be sitting here a little while and you don’t need your legs falling asleep and bugging you.  You don’t want to be distracted by your posture.

Also, if you lay down, you’ll tend to fall asleep.  And while meditation is relaxing, you’ll miss out on the benefits if you drift off to sleep.  You want to be alert, not sleepy.  Your posture should reflect the understanding that you are sitting in God’s presence.  You are presenting yourself to God.

So, it’s a balance between alert, sitting up straight, and relaxed, being still.

What type of chair?  Again, something not too hard, lest you get uncomfortable and distracted, or something too soft, so that you get too comfortable.  I like to use a reading chair because it’s designed for something similar.

Bottom Line

But the bottom line is: Do what works for you!  If you like to meditate sitting cross-legged, or lying down, that’s just fine!  Use what works for you.

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