Day 8 – Unfinished

It was an impulse, a moment of decision that came out of the blue.

I’ve never told anyone that.

…I just felt moved to do it.

I built a cabin.

You see, we home schooled our 3 kids, pretty much all the way through all 12 grades with a few minor exceptions.

That meant that our house out on the acreage was full of life. Every. Day.

We had horses, a dog, cats, and various other animals depending on the year. With 3 kids doing school work, and me participating and helping out, it was a little difficult to also be working from home.

My office was in a bedroom on the main floor, just off of the kitchen… Where all the school took place!

By that point I’d been working online for a few years but I really needed a separate space to work in.

So I built a cabin.

It’s not a tiny thing, because it’s actually 12’x16’ with a loft — it’s actually a wonderful workspace. I built it near the house, nestled into a grove of trees. It took almost 5 years from start to finish.

I started March 15, 2008 and moved in on Jul 17, 2009, according the photos I just examined. Just over a year from starting it to moving into it.

You’re probably wondering where the 5 years is? Well it took until October 2012 to finish the exterior. Over 3 years later.

And I still have some baseboard to finish inside. 12 years later!

That’s why you don’t move into an unfinished house! It’s very difficult to finish once you’re enjoying its benefits and comforts.

This is what it feels like to not fully forgive, too. There’s always little pieces left over to remind you of the problems of the past.

How to finish it completely? Maybe that’s unrealistic, and 95% is far better than nothing? I’m not sure.

…But I’m willing to ask what it would take to move it all the way to 100%.


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  1. This is such an inspiration and I really needed to hear that tonight because I am having to deal with people I love who says they have forgiven me but they don’t act like they have by the way they talk to me and I talk to God every day hopefully He will make a difference

  2. After 27 years of marriage ,my husband had a 3 week affair with a co worker and left the November 25th the day before Thanksgiving it has cost me and my family our home . My son and his wife and my little 2 year old grandson was abandoned.I feel like I have accomplished forgiveness until I see his post on fb talking about the love of his life is by the way 12 years younger hopefully there is away to get at 100%

  3. I don’t feel the anger and resentment when I speak about a situation I endured, 7 yrs of forgiving every time it raised, now I finally feel compassion and actually can pray for my cousin. I hope that means I’ve reached the 100.

  4. Thank you Dean for your input and time to share. I am at a place where God is speaking to me and asking for forgiveness from my son. Our relationship is strained and I think I might have not been what I needed to be for him growing up. I raised 3 of my own children and 2 step children ages 4mo-7 years and I had a daughter the 4mo old who was born with a cleft lip and pallet so she needed several surgeries until she was 17. Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom and His words to go to my son. I am willing to accept if he dosen’t forgive me.

  5. YES!!! Thank you Dean. I am also praying that the Lord would show me how to forgive 100% where I recognize that I am still not experiencing the “finished” product.