About a year ago we started to notice we were getting some flies in the house. Just little ones, but flies really bother me indoors.

I pulled out our vacuum and sucked them all up in no time (great way to deal with flies, btw).

But a little while later, I came back into the house, and there’s more flies. So I checked our little compost bin under the sink. It was getting a little gross and there were flies around it so I emptied it out, vacuumed up the new flies and went on with my day.

Next day, same problem! Admittedly I didn’t really wash the bin, I just kinda rinsed it, so maybe there were still eggs in there?

Wash the compost bin, vacuum the flies up. Better!

Nope. That wasn’t the problem, because next day: still flies in the house!

This was really starting to irritate me! Every time I’d vacuum the flies up but later on there was more!

I was starting to get obsessed and getting that crazed look in my eyes. Vacuuming, checking the pantry, vacuuming, checking the compost, vacuuming…

Eventually, while complaining to my family a light bulb went off in a will-not-be-named-member-of-the-family’s head – they recalled removing some old meat from the basement freezer and possibly forgetting it down there.


That was the clue I needed and led the source of the fly infestation.

Down in the basement, in the corner, in an old, barely used garbage can was rotting meat.

And flies.

Super gross, but as soon as that was taken out of the house, the fly problem went away!

So much like other problems in life, we run around with a wild-eyed, low level panic trying to cover all our bases, make ends meet, take care of tomorrow’s worries today.

And we’re really just vacuuming up flies. Over and over.


If we spend the time up front to root out the source of our frantic, distracted, anxious emotions, we can approach whatever life throws out way with poise, confidence and strength.

Feeling like you’re fighting a losing battle? Feeling like the flies just keep coming back?

Maybe it’s obligations, too many responsibilities or commitments, or maybe it’s health problems, grief, or depression. It could be trouble if your own making, or trouble brought on by someone else.

No matter…

Get away from it all and get some time in God’s presence today. I promise you, it’s worth it.

In the middle of the storm, be still and know that he is God.

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