Fighting multitasking

There’s a myth that you can be more productive if you multitask.

It’s deceptively appealing: do lots of things all at once so that you get more done in the same amount of time.

But it’s only true in certain things. If you try to multitask with 2 or more things that take the same kind of attention, like talking on the phone and checking email, then you’re in trouble. Both will be done poorly.

Now, if you’re exercising and doing something with your brain, like this study shows, it can improve both things.

But this is really the exception that proves the rule.

Here’s what most often happens:

(Classic example) I’m overworking myself so I feel guilty while I’m at work that I’m not doing my best with those I love. But when I’m at home or taking time off of work I’m thinking about work and what I’m putting off or not getting done!

This is a downward spiral of guilt and it works on many things on many levels.

The truth is, we are time-bound people living only in this present moment. In fact, now is the only moment we can live in.  And we so often use it up thinking about the past or the future.  Or thinking about being somewhere else.  Just not being where we are now.

That’s one of the benefits of meditation…

You take a mental step back from yourself and begin to see just how much your brain likes to think even while you have something else to do. As you train yourself to let those “pop up thoughts” go, you are actually learning how to focus, how to concentrate and how to increase your (gasp) productivity.

All by doing “nothing.”

So today when you meditate, don’t feel discouraged if:

  • Your mind wanders,
  • You didn’t “experience” God,
  • The meditation didn’t go the way you thought it should,
  • You felt more tense by the end of it then when you started,
  • You didn’t do as well as you did previously.

Look, this isn’t a race, a competition, or even a goal.

This is simply sitting before God, quietly, for a set period of time, and trying to be present to his presence.

That’s all.

If you make it into anything more you’ll begin experiencing those types of things listed above.

If you bring your life and your time to God and you just wait upon him, that’s enough.

Over time you’ll notice differences that will even out your life, make you more “with” other people, help you rise above the chatter, help you recognize when emotions are carrying you away, and more.

But just be still today for a little while. Surrender your agenda to God and just wait.

You’ll see.

God is good.

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