After the sobbing stops

You’ve been in this situation. As a child, no doubt, and maybe as a parent too:

The child has done something wrong, again. Maybe it was willful disobedience, the details don’t matter… but there needs to be some kind of punishment or discipline.

During the discipline, there’s “wailing and gnashing of teeth,” – full on sobbing.

Terry and I used to sit with our kids during this stage. I can remember times, with each child, when they would sit on my lap, just sobbing away. You know, those deep, full body convulsions.

Then, as the crying would soften and die down, there was something that replaced it.


This was always a very tender and deep moment between me and whichever child. The pain and emotions of the previous discipline would melt into a long lasting hug that would not require anything.

This was not a moment in which my child would turn and ask for ice cream, or a pony, or for anything at all! This was a time of sitting with one another. So much love would flow in that vulnerable moment of quiet.

And then, it would pass, and we would move on with the day.

This is what meditation is like.

After the Bible study, the prayers, the confessions and the lifting up of concerns to God, nothing is left but to sit in His presence. This can be a tender and vulnerable time.

Just to sit with the Father.  So precious!

Life changing.

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