Can you be deceived in meditation?

In this video I’m answering a common question/complaint I’ve heard on Facebook and in my own email. If you’re opening yourself up in meditation, can you be deceived?

What do you think?  Post your comments below.


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  1. Thank you for clarifying meditation. Ive never tried it….but I will now open myself up to God. I want to hear from him. I want the one on one relationship to my Heavenly Father. Im Baptist and attend Bible Study and Church regularly. Please Pray for and my Relationship with God.


    1. Hi Nora. By my nature I’m quite conservative myself so I think you’ll find it comfortable here. Thanks for posting!

  2. All my bells and whistles were prepared before I started this coarse. I was watching and listening very skeptically and cautiously. At that time, the Lord had been reminding me of a favorite verse of mine from my youth, “Be still and Know I am God.” Psalm 46:10 ? I also was pondering why some of His promptings I heeded right away because they were clearly heard and others seem to be vague suggestions that I would ignore. So … “be still and know” would keep popping up. Also the “busy-busy-ness” of the world we live in was growing on my nerves ever more than it had been already. I also wanted to do the works of our Lord and He said greater works would we do when the Comforter came. I had not and do not see this in the Body much today.
    Of course, ALL scriptural warning and precautions need to be heeded for our “enemy seeks to destroy.” “We need to search the scripures to see if things be so.” “We need to test the spirits to see from whence they come.” We need confirmations as did Gideon, Abraham and Moses. We especially in this crazy time we live, need to “Spend time at the feet of Jesus as Mary did for she had chosen the the good part and it won’t be taken from her.” “We need to be ever cautious because our enemy goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.” he does this inn whatever we do. We need to follow the example of our Savior and depart the crowds and diligently seek our Father because “those who seek Him find Him.”
    Thank-you Dean for being that STOP sign that He is using that I may sit-down, shut-up and listen. BTW, the above is past tense but also is present and future too. ? One more thing, I’ve been doing this for only 6 months now and twice this past month my husband of 40 years said, “How do you sit so quite like that?” Thanks again so very much. Greatly anticipating what my Lord has in store. —– Sister in Christ Jesus, Leslie

  3. This is very awesome . I’m always seeking truth . And it’s very valid that we spend less time playing church and going through the motions and spend more time in a personal relationship . The holy spirt the Rauch Hakodesh will give all u need , when needed at the appropriate time needed . We are designed to go out and reach those God puts in our paths to plant and water he gives the increase . Love him seek him and others . You won’t find him in a building . He is in ur heart . Seek ye first the kingdom , God , Jesus , HOLYSPIRIT and all things in his will will be given on to u . Seek him , God . It’s a personal thing . Take ur self out of the equation , and be of service for others seeking God in all . Be love , a movement an act ark , acts of random kindness never planned but always given as God gives the increase . May our loving Christ Jesus give u great disermennt , may he show us all that we shall not seek tempory thins of the world . That we may give all we can to go directly on to the church and give derectly to those in need the widows the poor and homeless not a building but go out into the nation’s and walk and seek as God seeks . Plz seek truth not religion and going through the motions . Be real be who God made u don’t look like others don’t seek what other have don’t fallow others be a leader in Christ Jesus . You all are born into preisthood you need to act like it . The Vail is broken in two for a reason . You don’t go to man for nothing we are all short of hos glory . Go to the holy Spirit he will lead u into rightiousness always . Man will always put there twist on something . Plz listen to God . Amen

  4. I like to meditate on scripture. It is so important to persuade our hearts of truth….not just an intellectual knowledge.