20 Great Journaling Questions for You

I used to sit in front of my journal with nothing to write. Blank page. No clue as to how to get started.

That was many years ago now, and among other things, I’ve found the easiest way to start is with a great question. So, over the years, I’ve collected great questions.

The reason is that our brains tend to think the same thoughts, over and over.  In order to think differently than you’re accustomed to, you need to ask different questions.

Different question, different answer… and therein lies the power of good questions.

I came across a great little tool on the NIV Bible Facebook page. It’s a list of 20 questions for you to journal to.

(If you haven’t been journaling, maybe it’ll inspire you to write out the answer to one of these questions.)

Just pick the one you’re most attracted to, the one you think holds interesting possibilities, and then write. Write for 5 or 10 minutes, without allowing your pen to stop, just whatever comes to mind.

It’s shockingly illuminating!

NOTE: Don’t wait until you have a leather-bound journal to write in. The notes app on your phone is good enough, or a scrap of paper, the back of an envelope, anything! It’s not important because you don’t have to keep it. Shred it when you’re done even. It’s not the writing that’s important, but what you discover that is.

Just pick one now, and then write about it.

NIV Bible Facebook Post

My favorites are:

  • One lesson I learned from Scripture this week is…
  • God is leading me to make the following changes…

What are yours?

P.S. This is great to use in your morning routine.

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