Year Long Meditation Practice Makes Difficult Year Best Ever

It has been about a year since I began my Meditate on Christ journey and I wanted to say thanks for really filling a need in the mindfulness/Christian discipline practice space! I have been thrilled to share meditate on Christ with many of the women I coach and mentor.

So a big note of thanks.

I have 40 years practice in spiritual disciplines– Bible reading, memorization, fasting and prayer but never consistent silence or meditation.

When I started meditating I was in the midst of recovering from a runaway child who had returned but was in a seriously depressed state. During the past year we hospitalized that same child for an eating disorder that was within weeks of claiming her life.

What I now know is this discipline of silence and meditation is giving God space to act. As a result, in the midst of one of the most severe life events (I have been through cancers and losses of family) my mind and spirit were not consumed with doubt and fear. There is good news of great joy for this child at this time. I am humbled by what God has done.

The largest takeaway is that God’s presence in a meditation practice has made this one of my best years despite all the above problems.

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Helps me with my anxiety & depression

I really believe that Meditate on Christ has helped me these past couple months with my anxiety and depression and also most importantly in feeling closer to God. Thank you for making this available to me, you have no idea how much this has helped me in my journey to feel God’s presence more and more each day.

You are definitely appreciated, and I know God is pleased with what you are doing for all of those who you encounter to immerse God more in their daily lives and thus making their lives more enriching in all areas. Thank you again Dean, and God bless you as well, kind sir.

Susie Aukema
Pueblo, CO

Blood Pressure Numbers Unbelievable!

I feel more serene and peaceful these days. My blood pressure numbers are unbelievable! I used to dwell on lots of things, but now I allow them to come through my mind, but not stay on my mind. Thank you…

Jo Anne Bryant
City, State

Knew Meditation Was Beneficial, But Couldn't Get Into It Without This

I have to tell you how much Meditate on Christ means to me. I have been so blessed by the time spent with God and your meditations make it so meaningful.

Just this morning I was envisioning God as light and warmth surrounding me and enveloping me. A few minutes into the meditation, the sun came up over the neighbor’s house and shine light and warmth in me. It only lasted about 2 minutes before it was gone behind the clouds and trees. I had to open my eyes to see what was going on because I felt the light and warmth. I believe God was confirming His presence to me. Praise God!

Thank you so much for creating this program! I have known meditation was beneficial for a long time, but just couldn’t get into it or felt they were too weird. Focusing on God is exactly the right meditation for me.

Valerie Flynn
City, State

"healing from years of grief, heartache & adrenal burnout"

All I can say is thank you, thank you for this incredible, healing tool that is leading me deeper and deeper into the Holy Presence of God. It’s bringing me to a place of rest, safety, and peace I’ve never known. God is using it to cleanse me of lies I have believed all my life as I rest in His safe, loving arms.

The music, the rhythm, your soothing grace-filled voice & instruction is helping me to quiet my mind and anxieties. It’s still quite a struggle for me to focus on the breath without bombardments of thought, but I am learning.

It’s only been a few weeks but I am so encouraged by the progress! To God be all the Glory!! I am encouraged that I can and will heal from years of grief, heartache and adrenal burnout through the continual daily exercise of “Meditate on Christ.”

Erin Zeis
Business Owner
Atlanta, GA

"I find it very helpful"

“Dean’s done a great job putting this together. I found it very helpful in entering into silence, just to be still with the Lord. I think anyone pursuing spiritual discipline like this will find this tool very helpful and encouraging.”

Darcy Siggelkow
Lead Pastor,
Generations Church
Nanaimo, BC

You Changed Meditation from Boring to Instrumental

“Thank you for providing Meditate on Christ. I have been a long-time follower of Christ, and disciplines such as Bible reading, journaling, and prayer have been extremely important to me. I have tried meditation before. I never enjoyed it, never was able to sustain it, and frankly, never found it to be of much use at all.

Meditate on Christ has changed all of that for me. I look forward with anticipation to see what each new day holds. This has been instrumental for me as I am going through a season of life where I am not sure what I’m supposed to do next. This has been a stabilizing factor.”

Stan Horst
Entrepreneur and Business Owner,
Cabin Creekwood, Virginia

"I heard God more clearly than I ever have in my life."

“I absolutely love it….it’s life changing. It is the piece that was missing in my daily study and devotions. I have heard God more clearly this week than I ever have in my life.

It may help you to know I’m not a baby Christian… I am 67 years old, I am born again (33 years) and baptized in the Holy Spirit. I can only imagine what impact learning to meditate on Christ this way could have on young believers and corporately on the body of Christ.”

Cynthia Surace
Parrish, Florida

"I'm Thrilled -
We Need This"

“I’m 21 days in and I’m thrilled with Meditate On Christ. It’s simple, easy and I can’t recommend it enough. Spending time with God is something everyone needs to do, but rarely does consistently. This program answers that problem.”

Geoff Heth
Pastor of Community Engagement, Rockpointe Church
Calgary, AB

Thank you for the chance to get to relax and not stress

“I am loving connecting with God, before bed every night. It clears my mind and prepares me for a better understanding of being in His presence. Thank you for the chance to get to relax and not stress over all the little things. It has changed my life.

I look forward to spending quality time with the Lord everyday. He is my rock and my salvation.”

Candy Griffin
Sales Representative,
Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

"I felt Jesus was right there with me"

“I really enjoyed the 7 days of meditations. I felt very relaxed and a great calm in my spirit. No worries, as they seemed to disappear as I listened. I felt Jesus was right there with me. Thank you for these meditations.”

Barbara Johnson
Granbury, Texas

"re-connected me with the Living God"

The first, free 10 minute meditation session shifted my spirit so profoundly and so deeply re-connected me with the Living God that–after a dry spell of what feels like years–Meditate on Christ has become my daily bread.

I couldn’t ask for a better coach or spiritual mentor than in Dean Davis. Is God using the lost art of Christian meditation to “gather the exiles”? I think so, and Meditate on Christ is a home-coming. Thank you but, more importantly, I thank God through you.

Jeff Duba
Writer and Entrepreneur
Grand Rapids, MI

"Attuned to God's Presence"

“Your meditations are very well done and have been an important discipline in my weekly routine, helping me become more attuned to God’s presence. Their pace and gentle instruction hit just the right note.”

James Friesen
Full-time Missionary Soul Care, Barnabas International

I'm 65 and wish I had learned this sooner

“Thank you so much for explaining how to be still & know God. The breathing exercise relieves stress & especially explaining that our breath is the Holy Spirit!!!. Makes so much sense & by recognizing His presence this way praying without ceasing is more than accomplished!!

“I’m 65 & I feel like I’ve been wandering for 40 years in the desert & so wish I had learned this sooner. May God continue to bless you.”

Christi Berry

Much More Restful Sleep, Calmer, and More Aware of His Presence

“Before I started with Meditate On Christ I easily got frustrated and angry, which caused me guilt. Already I am much calmer and was able to practice His Presence during some harried moments at work this week. He brought Scriptures to mind that I’d read in my morning devotions.

“I did one introductory meditation each night before bed this week after reading my Bible and experienced much more restful sleep. It also happened to coincide with Holy Week so as I thought about all Jesus went through for me, my problems paled in comparison. He reoriented my perspective.”

Carleen Roberts

"I Felt the Father's love"

I just want to say I am pleasantly surprised by how much I look forward to the Meditate on Christ meditations.

I have never really enjoyed meditating music and wasn’t sure it was really compatible with my Christian beliefs. But I really felt the Father’s love immediately and felt His presence.

Robin Hughes

"Sensing more and more God's Presence in my day"

I was particularly blessed by the message [re: Ducks] today that it requires a great deal of “flapping” to take flight. As I meditate on that thought/picture, I see how it applies to so many areas of my life even beyond the processes of sitting quietly meditating in God’s Presence.

I just finished the 14 day meditation on “Stillness” and am really sensing more and more my breathing & God’s Presence in my day. I am going to start it again tomorrow!

To God be the Glory!!

Marg Ridpath
Nepean, Ontario, Canada