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Video 1: How do you hear God?

  • I share the “Almond Story” – my personal experience with the first time that I concretely heard God’s voice
  • How do you distinguish between God’s voice and your thoughts or other influences?
  • My background and history with hearing God

Video 2: Getting More From the Almond Story

  • Answers questions about Hearing God by looking more carefully at the Almond Story – what could have gone wrong, what didn’t
  • Takes more questions from the blog that are common for most people when they hear about this

Video 3: Can YOU learn to hear God’s Voice?

  • But none of my experience matters if YOU can’t apply it
  • How YOU can discover God’s voice for yourself

Begins Soon!

The Hearing God Course Begins Feb 5, 2019 – Don’t delay.

Registration CLOSES Feb 4th

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Meditate On Christ was created by Dean Davis through his own personal need and recognizing the needs of Christians around him in this day and age.

“Discovering Christian meditation was a key factor in my recovery from depression and anxiety through the grief of my father’s sudden death and then the loss of my business.”

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