The Meditate On Christ Method

Revealed: a "potent antidote" used by Christians before there were psychologists or pharmaceuticals...

What if the trouble you face is simply a gift from God?

Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Worry, Anger, Pain, Heartache, Stress…
Is it possible these are actually pathways to freedom, wholeness, and love in Christ Jesus?

My Worst Fear, Realized:

On March 30, 2010, I got a phone call from a hospital in Las Vegas.

My parents, who had driven down to get a jump on the golfing season had been in a car accident and both were stable but in the intensive care unit.

I flew down the next day to be with them and to help them with recovery and returning home. Seven days later both of them were out of intensive care and I had arranged air ambulances to fly them home to Calgary.

I felt like they were “out of the woods” and everything was going to be alright.

But, early the next morning I was woken up by a phone call from the hospital: my dad was in cardiac arrest and the doctor was asking permission to stop resuscitation.

My whole world stopped.

In the months that followed the funeral I experienced depression for the first time in my life. To be honest, I didn’t even know that’s what it was at the time. I began to lose interest in life, as if everything started to go gray.

My wife was concerned because I didn’t have that zest anymore. And I was “haunted” by certain memories that would flood my mind of my father in the hospital or me driving in a daze.

One particular recurring memory was of myself walking down the hallway in the hospital towards the room my dad was in, but it was as if it was a movie, in black and white, slowly seeing myself approach the room where he was.

As I began to climb out of that hole, my business started to struggle.

Fast forward a few years to…

…the July long weekend in 2015

I was the owner of a modestly successful educational website that was heading for a financial cliff. I had been trying desperately for about a year to rescue it and I had built up a lot of debt. That long weekend I decided I had to shut it down.

I was totally humiliated before my family and friends. If you’ve gone bankrupt yourself, or experienced being “downsized” you know how painful it is to face the people who matter most with this kind of personal “failure.” I wept openly before my family.

I didn’t know what I was going to do to bring in an income. I remember talking with my father-in-law who owned a local business… the same business I had left many years ago to “pursue my dreams” of financial independence.

I took an entry level job at his company and my ego was crushed. There I was, working at the lowest level of pay, at a company that I had previously managed. I had previously built and designed the entire training program, and now I was signing off on the training for my new position.

I began to experience Anxiety

I’d wake up in the middle of the night gripped in it, or feel it creep in on me in the evenings.  I remember driving a front-end loader, with tears streaming down my face, crying out to God for help.  I had hours and hours of time to think and to try to talk to God as I drove equipment around the yard.

I wasn’t sure where God was in the midst of this.  Theologically I knew that God had not abandoned me, but practically I felt that I had failed.  I was a failure… it wasn’t God’s fault (I couldn’t go there), but it was mine.

I was in pain, physically, and emotionally… but I continued to seek God and seek answers wherever I could find them.

I Desperately Tried Many Things

From my father’s passing until the loss of my business I tried so many different things to deal with the emotional stress and pain.  Some were good and others were just band aids.  Here’s just some of what I found:

  • Journaling

    I wrote out my fears, concerns, and problems. I was brutally honest and I didn’t back down. When I did, I discovered some amazing things about myself and God. This practice was a “keeper”, and I continue to journal to this day. The problem is that journalling is great for insight, just like a doctor’s diagnosis of a physical problem, but just like the diagnosis isn’t the cure, journalling was not enough.

  • Bible Reading

    Through the years I’ve learned to read my Bible consistently. Why? The Bible itself tells us that it is useful for correction and training in righteousness (2 Tim 3:16). But that doesn’t mean that it functions on it’s own… it is powerful and it is important in the light of the Spirit of God present with us. “The Bible asks for our co-operation.” And I’m going to show you the normative way God uses to heal us and how it’s something we do and participate in.

  • Counseling

    I reached out to the pastors and counsellors in my life and I also went to counselling from the public health authority. What I found was that the non-Christian counsel was useful, and the Christian counsel could be very useful, but sometimes was not. It was a mixed-bag of results for me. Mostly the feedback I received was that I was doing all the right things, but it didn’t feel like an abundant life it just felt like giving up.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Antidepressants and sleeping pills get a bad rap in Christian circles, but I’ll honestly tell you that in my life they had a place. I used both, at different times to make things more manageable when they were at their worst. But I didn’t want to keep masking the problem, I wanted full healing not just band-aides.

  • Other therapies

    Through various business courses I was also exposed to other strategies and therapies to assist with personal productivity and dealing with what one called “head trash” – that stuff that we all have that clogs up your head and keeps you from being your best, and getting the most out of your life. This was good and helpful, but it was only later as I paired it with what I’m about to tell you that it really began to help.

  • Prayer

    Through the pain and the humiliation of my circumstances I would pray, and cry out to God, searching for answers and asking for help. What I didn’t know was that the most important part of prayer was when I stopped talking, and started listening. When I was still, I began to learn that He is God.

    [But being still DOES NOT come naturally. Like riding a bike, or driving a car—things that become part of our “muscle memory” over time—we forget that we had to learn how to do these now-easy activities.]

    I discovered it wasn’t what I was praying but how I was praying that was the problem. Changing how I was praying began to unlock my spiritual life.

God was about to give me the “Rosetta Stone”, the ONE THING that would bring everything else I’ve tried together…and it would FINALLY unlock the door to emotional health, peace, fulfillment, and hope

Here’s how it happened…

In my desperation for anything that would bring relief and healing, I began to read books. A lot of books.

Exhibit A: Some of the Stuff I Read
Exhibit A: “Some of the Stuff I Read”

It was mostly self-help stuff. How to get rid of anxiety, stress, depression, and overwhelm—with some Christian classics thrown in there, too.

And one theme kept coming up again and again (and again!) that promised to bring me the relief I was looking for. It was the one thing I hadn’t yet tried.

In fact, as a Christian I kept dismissing it. Truth be told, I was suspicious of it. And yet, I couldn’t deny the overwhelming scientific evidence in support of its power. This one, deceptively simple thing science tells us:

  • Effectively treats depression, anxiety and fear as effective as pharmaceuticals in the short term and MORE EFFECTIVE in the long term!
  • Alleviates emotional suffering from traumatic and physically painful diseases like cancer or HIV
  • Helps conquer addiction and compulsive behavior
  • Reduces obsessive thinking, worry, emotional reactivity, and stress
  • Increases focus and attention
  • Boosts working memory, focus, and cognitive flexibility
  • Enhances self-insight, intuition, and relationship satisfaction
  • Increases immune functioning
  • Promotes empathy, compassion, and morality
  • Leads to a better quality of life and more fulfilling relationships
  • Results in brain changes that may protect against mental illness
  • Decreases feelings of loneliness, lowers depression risk among pregnant women, and helps you sleep better
  • and much, much more!

I’m Speaking, Of Course, Of Meditation

At first, I completely dismissed it as “New Age-y.” Intellectual honesty, however, demanded that I admit its tremendous positive effects.

Then again, as a Christian, I knew that just because something “works” doesn’t make it right. We cannot do evil to bring about good.

Then, it hit me! A light bulb went off…

Christianity forbids the worship of false gods. But it doesn’t condemn worship! Likewise, Christianity forbids praying to false gods…but it doesn’t condemn prayer!

I became convinced that secular meditation, stripped of anything that even hinted at Eastern mysticism would at least be safe to try—in much the same way that using yoga stretches at home would keep your muscles limber.

And yet, when I tried to do secular meditation, I couldn’t help but bring Christ into it.

Here’s what I mean…

The Scriptures tell us that God is always with us, nearer to us than our own breath. So when I meditated, I found myself focusing on how God’s presence was already with me. I just brought that awareness into what I was already learning about how to meditate.

FINALLY, my depression began to lift (and later, the anxiety and stress). Oh, it happened gradually…almost imperceptibly. But after several weeks, I looked back and thought, “Wow! I haven’t felt this good, this alive in years!”

I could say—for the first time in a long, long time—that I felt “at rest” in my waking hours. Calm. Peaceful. Joyful, even.

My Wife Noticed Too!

Terry says:

“Dean is a classic Type A personality which I love, most of the time. He is my rock and he has been since day one.

“As with all of us, his strength can become a weakness. When he took up meditation seriously I noticed a real change in him. I didn’t know what he was doing, but things that normally might have caused him stress, he seemed to be letting roll off his shoulders easier. He seemed more calm when the house got chaotic (as it can with a family).  It was later he told me he had been meditating.

“Honestly, in our marriage relationship he has changed the most. He has been gentle and caring, riding out everyday frustrations with more grace. Reminding me often that God has everything in His control, and he’s able to express it in a way that makes me believe it.

“I can see the profound effect that meditating has had on Dean’s life. I’m so grateful for his commitment to it.”

Now don’t get me wrong. Little about my circumstances had changed. And yet, I had changed, and that made all the difference.

But this wasn’t even the best part!

No, the best part was that I was experiencing God as I never had before, learning to walk with Him, be His disciple…

All thanks to this new form of meditation I “discovered”. I say I “discovered” Christian meditation, but in truth I was simply re-discovering it.

The very thing I was doing had been widely known—and practiced—by Christians in the monastic tradition for a thousand years or more! What I call “Christian meditation”, they called “contemplative prayer”.

And it was practiced by the spiritual giants of Christendom. People like St. John of the Cross, Brother Lawrence, Thomas à Kempis and even A.W. Tozer.

What Christian apologist G.K. Chesterton—the precursor to C.S. Lewis—said about the Christian faith, I can truly say about Christian meditation:

“I am the man who with the utmost daring discovered what had been discovered before…”

Make no mistake: Christian meditation is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than what you might think

Instead of emptying the mind, like opponents of meditation claim you’re doing, this kind of prayer stills the mind before God. Then, in His presence, you wait on Him. You listen.

And, friends, this is what what we desperately need to learn: how to still the mind before God. How to listen to Him. This is the essence of Christian meditation.

It doesn’t come naturally for us… this stilling the mind, this listening to the “still, small voice.”

As I said before, it’s like riding a bike, or driving a car. It’s something that someone has to teach us, but once you learn how to do it, it’s easy.

After all, if you’re like most of us, you weren’t born knowing how to pray. It had to be modeled for you by your family, your pastor, and other Christians.

It’s no different with this very special kind of prayer, except it’s something that has taken Christians centuries to develop. In fact, each generation has built on what was learned from the previous one.

Sadly, in the span of just a few generations, the practice has been all but lost. It was mainly taught only by monastic communities or small retreat centers.

Until now, if you want to learn how to meditate, you’d need to travel to a Trappist monastery in Belgium, and spend a month or more there.

Or you can learn from me.

I teach others to do what it took centuries for Christians to learn. And you really can learn how to meditate if you have just 10 minutes a day. That’s really all that’s needed.

“Meditate On Christ” is the only website that I know of that teaches Christian meditation.

The Meditate On Christ approach is totally unique. It incorporates the best approaches to meditation that we’ve learned from:

  • Centuries of Christian tradition
  • Scripture, and…
  • Cutting-edge science

So you don’t have to spend years and years reading all the books on meditation; you don’t have to spend a lifetime of trial-and-error (“Why start from square one when you’ve had a thousand years of mastery to build upon?”); and you don’t have to travel to Europe and enter a Trappist monastery for a month or more…

Instead, you can learn in as little as 10 minutes a day at home or as you commute to work…

You simply log into the Meditate On Christ website, choose a meditation, hit play, and meet with God.

The Meditations Are Grouped By Category:

  • The Introduction Series

    Each day I hold your hand, guiding you through the fundamentals of Christian meditation; in no time, you’ll be “practicing of the presence of God”—something that took Christians centuries to learn!

  • Anxiety

    Enjoy a new freedom as you realize that close to 97% of what causes you anxiety is completely out of your control; here, you’ll experience the fundamental spiritual shift that allows you to “let go, and let God.”

  • Gratitude

    See the world through a radically new lens and watch your mood brighten and optimism increase; you’ll be able to see God’s blessings in your life—without even trying, you’ll open yourself up to more grace…more blessings…more of God’s abundant life!

  • Hearing God

    Discover how to commune with our Heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit. What is Jesus saying to you today? How do you know? Open yourself up to hearing God in this special series

  • Christmas

    Recapture that experience of your first Christmas: the magic, the wonder, and the beauty; it’s an utter relief from the stress—even loneliness—of the commercial Christmas season

  • Stillness

    “Advanced meditation” for those who have moved out of the the introduction series, this is where you come both when you want to go deeper and when you don’t know what to do. This is how to be still.

So if right now you’re feeling hopelessness, despair, discouragement, loneliness, isolation, frustration, anger, hate, rage, or depression…

If you’re numb, empty, grief-stricken, worried, out-of-control, or feel like you are always having-to-control…

If you’re anxious, confused, lost, aimless, unsatisfied with life…

If you have compulsions of any kind or are unable to stop obsessive thinking or behaviors…

Then I urge you to try Christian meditation.

If you (or your spouse) is out of work, are experiencing financial stress, are in the midst of a lawsuit or divorce, or have just received bad medical news…

If you’ve known unspeakable pain or trauma in life…

Or if you have always lived with a nagging sense of “something’s not quite right”, or “there’s something wrong with me”…

If you feel like you’ve lost your way in life (or never found it to begin with)…

Then Christian meditation may be God’s answer to your prayers.

Perhaps your children or grandchildren aren’t in your life like you long for them to be, or they’re in trouble, or they’ve lost their faith…

Maybe you or your spouse is suffering from addiction, or is unfaithful…

Then you simply must give Christian meditation a try.

Even if everything you’ve tried up to this point hasn’t gotten you real, lasting results.

And if you doubt the power of Christian meditation, please, please, please read the testimonials at the bottom of this page: you’re not alone; it’s not hopeless!

Then, if you’re ready to discover what Christian meditation can offer you, by far the best way to go from “zero to sixty” with this lost, centuries’ old practice is through my website MeditateOnChrist.com.

When you do, I’m going to ask you a favor…

If you are one of the many people that begins to experience real break-through, then I invite you to share your story with me so that I can share it with others.

Your testimony of the gentle power of Christian meditation will no doubt give others the hope and encouragement they need, right when they need it most. It may provide them the little nudge they need to find the change they long for.

But before you decide to give it a try, I want to answer two simple questions:

Who is “Meditate On Christ” NOT for?

  • If you aren’t a Christian, this isn’t for you. I begin with the assumption that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • If you are 100% against the idea that God could speak to you in a “still, small voice”—as the Scriptures claim He spoke to Elijah—then this is NOT for you
  • If you’d prefer to quibble over technical theological details instead of trying to practice the presence of God, please don’t join. If you have serious questions, by all means, ask, I don’t mind.

Who IS “Meditate On Christ” for?

  • Those who are racked with anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, and addictive or compulsive behaviors
  • Evangelicals, Protestants, and Catholics
  • Those who identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious”
  • Those for whom prayer has become dry
  • Those who are thirsting for deeper intimacy with God
  • Mature Christians who know that the revealed Word of God has the last word on anything that we might sense God saying to us in meditation

If you can identify with any of the above, then Meditate On Christ is for you.

Look at it this way.

Considering what you may already spend on professional therapy or—absent that— considering what you may spend trying to “self-medicate”, then a monthly subscription to Meditate on Christ is a no-brainer…

Because for about the price of a box of chocolates, a movie ticket, or a few Starbucks coffees, you could begin to experience freedom from the clutches of anxiety, stress, worry, obsession—whatever vexes you…all in as little as 15 minutes from now!

What’s more, because you can cancel anytime during your first 30 days for a full refund, you have nothing to lose.

I urge you, therefore, to try Meditate on Christ completely risk-free…
If you don’t notice a real, tangible difference anytime during the first 30 days…

If you don’t breathe a little freer…

If hope and optimism don’t begin to lift you up…

If you don’t begin to feel more of God’s light shining into the darkness…

Then simply go to the Meditate on Christ “Account” page and click on “cancel”. That’s it!  You don’t even have to talk to anyone, wait on hold, or justify your reasons.

A one-month, recurring subscription to Meditate on Christ is just $27.
And here’s a way to recover even that small cost.

Put out a “fleece”; forego one of your “crutches”—one of those things you go to other than God for relief:

  • Give up that box of chocolates
  • Stay home and watch a movie
  • Enjoy a Starbucks or two (not four or five)

Instead, use Meditate on Christ anytime during your day to “practice the presence of God”. Do you honestly doubt God won’t honor your small act of trust, your small sacrifice?

And if you want to get Meditate on Christ for ONLY $16.42/month, opt for the yearly, recurring subscription. At $197 that’s a full 40% off the monthly price. (Like getting 4½ months FREE!) Again, you may cancel at any time.

So if you, like me, have tried it all and are finally ready to shake worry, depression, anxiety, and stress by practicing authentic, Christian meditation—you now have just three options:

  1. You can spend a month at a Trappist monastery (and meditate daily),
  2. You could spend months—even years—as I did, trying to figure it out on your own,
  3. Or, you could click the button below and get started in less than 7 minutes…

[button type=”flat” style=”color:white; background-color: #ff9900; border-color:rgb(224, 134, 0);” shape=”rounded” size=”x-large” href=”https://meditateonchrist.com/lp/the-meditate-on-christ-method/pricing-97-lt/” title=”Join Today and Get Started”][icon type=”arrow-right”]Join Today And Get Started[/button]

If you want all the scientifically proven benefits that come with meditation:

  • increased emotional health
  • a sense of well-being
  • a reduction in chronic pain
  • and much, much more!

AND… you yearn for a deeply rich experience of God, then I urge you to give Meditate on Christ a try. Click the button above.


Dean Davis

Dean Davis
Founder of Meditate On Christ

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Any reason at all, or no reason at all. Simply email [email protected] and let me know and I’ll refund your money right away.

Note: Right from your Account page you can cancel, pause, or update your billing at any time.  Easy!  You’re not locked in, ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dean?  What’s his religious background and church?

Dean is an evangelical Christian, regularly attends Rockpointe Church (a Christian and Missionary Alliance church) and has attended church all of his life.  He was dedicated as a baby and grew up in church.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Religious Education from Canadian Bible College (now Ambrose University).

Why is there a Charge for Meditate On Christ, why isn’t it free?

The Bible says a lot about wages and being paid for one’s work. 1 Tim 5:18 is one of the most popular “The worker deserves his wages.” If you are concerned that Christian authors, speakers, pastors, teachers, etc. get paid to do what they do, then you will not want to pay me either.

There are many para-church organizations that charge for their services. That’s how they are able to provide those services, and that’s how I’m able to provide my services as well.

Where and how did Dean learn meditation?

“I learned meditation by a long and slow process of trying things out. While I knew about, and had tried all the spiritual disciplines in Bible college, when life went sideways that when I realized I needed more (ie. I needed to actually DO them).

“I needed to really practice the presence of God, not just know about the theology that said it’s possible and real.  I went from knowing ABOUT God to KNOWING God. Sitting in God’s presence is not about thinking higher thoughts, or pontificating about theology. It’s way more like sitting with my wife as we watch the sunset together not needing to speak, but to be with each other.

“That’s what meditation is, and the fruit of it is amazing. Meditation comes up in some form in most of the Christian classics. Although, it’s not named “meditation” all the time. Authors from hundreds of years ago will talk about “Contemplation,” “Attentiveness,” “Practicing the Presence of God,” and more. More modern authors have even more words for it: A.W. Tozer calls it “The Gaze of the Soul.””

Why can’t I just use something free online?

You certainly can, I’d encourage you to try.  The difference with Meditate On Christ is that I’ve done years of research into what works and what doesn’t within the context of meditation and Christianity.  All of the “meditations” online that I’ve seen from Christians are typically more like prayers and devotions.

What is the difference between meditation and devotions?

Devotions are typically a way of studying the Bible in daily, bite sized portions, along with thoughts and reflections for you to consider.  It is a great way of studying the Bible that many people have used successfully through the years.  Meditate on Christ does not replace devotions, but in fact, begins where they leave off.  

The missing piece is a time of silence in God’s presence, in which you surrender to Him.  By surrendering your time, your thoughts, your questions, and your problems and simply meditating you open up a space for God to move.  It’s a subtle difference, but it’s an amazing one.  I did not expect for so much to happen while I was doing nothing.  But it’s where I meet with God.  

Devotions are like the car that drops you off at the coffee shop, but until you go in and sit down with God you’re still on the outside.

What is the difference between Christian meditation and all others?

Just like prayer, all major religions pray, and all major religions meditate.  The main difference is simple: who are you praying to?  If you’re praying to some other god than the Trinity of the Bible, then it’s not Christian prayer.  But if you are, then prayer is a very important thing.  

The same is true of meditation. Meditate on Christ is focused solely on developing the Christian’s relationship with God while doing the habits and practices that have been shown to have significant impact on the brain and on emotional/mental troubles.

When should I meditate?

It’s up to you, but I’d recommend either first thing in the morning, or last thing at night.  Either one is useful, the most popular choice being morning.  I find that if I don’t do it in the morning, I just don’t do it.  Starting the day off right, with at least a 10 minute meditation, will set my perspective and my heart on God’s presence and will in my day.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, the website is online, and you’ll need to be able to access it to listen to the meditations

Do I need headphones?

No, you can listen using speakers, but the experience is enhanced with good headphones.  I highly recommend headphones especially if you’re dealing with anxiety or depression.  

Can I cancel my account on my own?

Yes, absolutely.  In fact, you have complete control over your account.  You can cancel your subscription from your account page, or even pause it, if you just need to put it on hold for a while.  You can update payment info and control all aspects of your account information without needing to contact support.  Of course, if you need support you can use the contact page on the site or email [email protected] directly.

Do You Have Testimonials? Absolutely…

Helps me with my anxiety & depression

I really believe that Meditate on Christ has helped me these past couple months with my anxiety and depression and also most importantly in feeling closer to God. Thank you for making this available to me, you have no idea how much this has helped me in my journey to feel God’s presence more and more each day.

You are definitely appreciated, and I know God is pleased with what you are doing for all of those who you encounter to immerse God more in their daily lives and thus making their lives more enriching in all areas. Thank you again Dean, and God bless you as well, kind sir.

Susie Aukema
Pueblo, CO

A personal level with God

Before this program, I never really knew how to meditate, and just be with God. Of course, I have always given thanks, and I pray daily, but this is more of a personal level with God … Thank you so much for this opportunity! I look forward to receiving many more blessings and peaceful rest with God.

Julie Greer, LBSW
Medical Social Worker
Sulphur Springs, Texas

I Love This & I'm Very Careful About My Choices Of What I'm Letting In

I love the meditations and the fact that it is Christian based. I struggled with people’s opinions of mediating, being very careful in my choices of what I was “letting in” and you provided an answer to prayer.

Your guidance opened a different way thinking and I feel closer now to the Lord than I did before… Thank you so much for your help. You are a blessing.

Tour Business Owner
Erie, Pennsylvania

"I look forward to this everyday"

This is just awesome! I look forward to this everyday. Thank you so much!!

Carlisle, PA

New Deeper Level With God. Clarity & Memory Returning

I do my meditation at night because its totally relaxing and opens my heart, ears, and entire being to receiving God’s full loving embrace. I then follow with my bedtime prayers & various devotionals I read.

I have to say my clarity in understanding & my quiet time with the Lord throughout the day has been amazing!! Not sure if you have heard this before but I feel a transformation in my being, like a cloud has been lifted!! My memory, intelligence, everything is so much more vivid and clearno more brain fog throughout the day. New deeper level with God!! I Thank the Lord for your series.


Kimberly Myers
Hudson, Ohio

This Solved My Confliction About Secular Meditation

Just finished day one and really enjoyed it, thank you. I started meditating a few months ago but being Christian felt conflicted because of what others said about it.

I always focused on God and the Holy Spirit in my meditation times but still felt others were judging it as wrong. So thank you for doing this program series.

Ms. Treena Thackeray
Surrey, BC, Canada

I have been a believer for 47 years but I never tried meditation...

I have been a believer for 47 years. Most of that time I have read and studied the Bible and spent time in prayer most days. However, I have never tried meditation. I just went through a rough time with depression and I can’t remember if I saw your site on fb but I decided to give it a try…

I have to tell you that I love that time each day. I still have my Bible reading, studying and prayer time but this time in God’s presence is now a vital part of my day… I will be recommending this to family and friends. Actually, I already have. Thank you for this ministry.

Paula Brown

You Changed Meditation from Boring to Instrumental

“Thank you for providing Meditate on Christ. I have been a long-time follower of Christ, and disciplines such as Bible reading, journaling, and prayer have been extremely important to me. I have tried meditation before. I never enjoyed it, never was able to sustain it, and frankly, never found it to be of much use at all.

Meditate on Christ has changed all of that for me. I look forward with anticipation to see what each new day holds. This has been instrumental for me as I am going through a season of life where I am not sure what I’m supposed to do next. This has been a stabilizing factor.”

Stan Horst
Entrepreneur and Business Owner,
Cabin Creekwood, Virginia

felt the presence of God in a powerful way

The program is a great tool for meditation. For many years I have practiced the moment to moment presence of God and also I spend quiet time in prayer and study as soon as I wake every morning for approximately an hour before time to get ready for work. But I’ve never been able to meditate, I have made a few attempts, but I’m one whose mind wanders excessively.

…so useful in directing me and bringing me back to focus when my mind would veer off. I liked the music and the guidance. I felt the presence of God in a powerful way, there was a strong sense of His presence to the point one time I was afraid to open my eyes because I thought I’d see Jesus standing there in the room!

Thank you for answering His call to this service for God’s people.

Donna Berry
Executive Assistant
Memphis, TN

"I heard God more clearly than I ever have in my life."

“I absolutely love it….it’s life changing. It is the piece that was missing in my daily study and devotions. I have heard God more clearly this week than I ever have in my life.

It may help you to know I’m not a baby Christian… I am 67 years old, I am born again (33 years) and baptized in the Holy Spirit. I can only imagine what impact learning to meditate on Christ this way could have on young believers and corporately on the body of Christ.”

Cynthia Surace
Parrish, Florida

"I'm Thrilled -
We Need This"

“I’m 21 days in and I’m thrilled with Meditate On Christ. It’s simple, easy and I can’t recommend it enough. Spending time with God is something everyone needs to do, but rarely does consistently. This program answers that problem.”

Geoff Heth
Pastor of Community Engagement, Rockpointe Church
Calgary, AB

Thank you for the chance to get to relax and not stress

“I am loving connecting with God, before bed every night. It clears my mind and prepares me for a better understanding of being in His presence. Thank you for the chance to get to relax and not stress over all the little things. It has changed my life.

I look forward to spending quality time with the Lord everyday. He is my rock and my salvation.”

Candy Griffin
Sales Representative,
Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

"I felt Jesus was right there with me"

“I really enjoyed the 7 days of meditations. I felt very relaxed and a great calm in my spirit. No worries, as they seemed to disappear as I listened. I felt Jesus was right there with me. Thank you for these meditations.”

Barbara Johnson
Granbury, Texas

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"re-connected me with the Living God"

The first, free 10 minute meditation session shifted my spirit so profoundly and so deeply re-connected me with the Living God that–after a dry spell of what feels like years–Meditate on Christ has become my daily bread.

I couldn’t ask for a better coach or spiritual mentor than in Dean Davis. Is God using the lost art of Christian meditation to “gather the exiles”? I think so, and Meditate on Christ is a home-coming. Thank you but, more importantly, I thank God through you.

Jeff Duba
Writer and Entrepreneur
Grand Rapids, MI

"I find it very helpful"

“Dean’s done a great job putting this together. I found it very helpful in entering into silence, just to be still with the Lord. I think anyone pursuing spiritual discipline like this will find this tool very helpful and encouraging.”

Darcy Siggelkow
Lead Pastor,
Generations Church
Nanaimo, BC

I'm 65 and wish I had learned this sooner

“Thank you so much for explaining how to be still & know God. The breathing exercise relieves stress & especially explaining that our breath is the Holy Spirit!!!. Makes so much sense & by recognizing His presence this way praying without ceasing is more than accomplished!!

“I’m 65 & I feel like I’ve been wandering for 40 years in the desert & so wish I had learned this sooner. May God continue to bless you.”

Christi Berry

Much More Restful Sleep, Calmer, and More Aware of His Presence

“Before I started with Meditate On Christ I easily got frustrated and angry, which caused me guilt. Already I am much calmer and was able to practice His Presence during some harried moments at work this week. He brought Scriptures to mind that I’d read in my morning devotions.

“I did one introductory meditation each night before bed this week after reading my Bible and experienced much more restful sleep. It also happened to coincide with Holy Week so as I thought about all Jesus went through for me, my problems paled in comparison. He reoriented my perspective.”

Carleen Roberts

"I Felt the Father's love"

I just want to say I am pleasantly surprised by how much I look forward to the Meditate on Christ meditations.

I have never really enjoyed meditating music and wasn’t sure it was really compatible with my Christian beliefs. But I really felt the Father’s love immediately and felt His presence.

Robin Hughes

"Sensing more and more God's Presence in my day"

I was particularly blessed by the message [re: Ducks] today that it requires a great deal of “flapping” to take flight. As I meditate on that thought/picture, I see how it applies to so many areas of my life even beyond the processes of sitting quietly meditating in God’s Presence.

I just finished the 14 day meditation on “Stillness” and am really sensing more and more my breathing & God’s Presence in my day. I am going to start it again tomorrow!

To God be the Glory!!

Marg Ridpath
Nepean, Ontario, Canada

Member for 3 Months Says: "This has become part of my daily survival"

I wanted to thank you for your obedience to start this online meditation. I have missed maybe 4 days of this since starting and it has become a part of my daily survival.

To think we can be aware of His presence at all times is so comforting. We forget He is with us when we start our day. I am a big believer of daily reading His word but to sit and be aware of His presence in my life completes my day. Thank you again.

Joyce Suggs
Printer, Owner
New York, USA

"healing from years of grief, heartache & adrenal burnout"

All I can say is thank you, thank you for this incredible, healing tool that is leading me deeper and deeper into the Holy Presence of God. It’s bringing me to a place of rest, safety, and peace I’ve never known. God is using it to cleanse me of lies I have believed all my life as I rest in His safe, loving arms.

The music, the rhythm, your soothing grace-filled voice & instruction is helping me to quiet my mind and anxieties. It’s still quite a struggle for me to focus on the breath without bombardments of thought, but I am learning.

It’s only been a few weeks but I am so encouraged by the progress! To God be all the Glory!! I am encouraged that I can and will heal from years of grief, heartache and adrenal burnout through the continual daily exercise of “Meditate on Christ.”

Erin Zeis
Business Owner
Atlanta, GA

Created By A Guy Who Loves Jesus

Dean Davis, Founder of Meditate On Christ

Meditate On Christ was created by Dean Davis through his own personal need and recognizing the needs of Christians around him in this day and age.

“Discovering Christian meditation was a key factor in my recovery from depression and anxiety through the grief of my father’s sudden death and then the loss of my business.”

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