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Day 5 – Brain Science

7 Day Christian Meditation Introduction Course

The Science of the Brain

Before the invention of the fMRI machine, where you could see into people’s brains LIVE, while they were thinking and responding to a simulus, brain science was pretty much working in the dark.

I was told, as a teenager, that if I killed my brain cells I’d lose them forever.  They were thought to never grow back.

Then came “neuroplasticity” – the understanding that the brain could change, was moldable like the Plasticine modeling clay I played with as a kid.

Yes, that’s right, we CAN change… but this is a double-edged sword.  Not only can our brains get better, but they can also develop odd little problems because of this.  Which leads to this video:

“Brain changing science” – Video 5

Today’s Meditation

​In today’s meditation we’re going to explore the story of Elijah when he had a very powerful experience of the presence of God. This Bible story is where we get the phrase “the still, small voice.”

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