Day 1 – Completed


Day 1 – Completed

Great stuff! Thanks for doing the first Day’s meditation.

I’ll send you day 2 tomorrow morning.

God bless you,


This Solved My Conflict About Secular Meditation

Just finished day one and really enjoyed it, thank you. I started meditating a few months ago but being Christian felt conflicted because of what others said about it.

I always focused on God and the Holy Spirit in my meditation times but still felt others were judging it as wrong. So thank you for doing this program series.

Ms. Treena Thackeray
Surrey, BC, Canada

felt the presence of God in a powerful way

The program is a great tool for meditation. For many years I have practiced the moment to moment presence of God and also I spend quiet time in prayer and study as soon as I wake every morning for approximately an hour before time to get ready for work. But I’ve never been able to meditate, I have made a few attempts, but I’m one whose mind wanders excessively.

…so useful in directing me and bringing me back to focus when my mind would veer off. I liked the music and the guidance. I felt the presence of God in a powerful way, there was a strong sense of His presence to the point one time I was afraid to open my eyes because I thought I’d see Jesus standing there in the room!

Thank you for answering His call to this service for God’s people.

Donna Berry
Executive Assistant
Memphis, TN

"I felt Jesus was right there with me"

“I really enjoyed the 7 days of meditations. I felt very relaxed and a great calm in my spirit. No worries, as they seemed to disappear as I listened. I felt Jesus was right there with me. Thank you for these meditations.”

Barbara Johnson
Granbury, Texas