Daily Email Reminders


Daily Email Reminders

If you prefer having reminder emails sent on a daily basis, with a link to the next meditation, you can control that functionality here:

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What to Expect

You’ll get an email right away, after you click the start button. After that, you’ll get an email sent to you at 3 am, every single day.

The email is pretty plain, and just contains a link to the next meditation in the series you’re in. If you’ve completed a series it will show a link to the meditations page, so you can select what you want to do next.

If you don’t listen to the meditation today, it will send you the same one tomorrow. No intelligence here! It’s just an automated email reminder.

Note: These daily emails are on top of any other emails that I send. When I have an email that I want to send out, I include a link to the next meditation too, so this will double up with those emails. Please understand that you have complete control over this by using the stop and start buttons on this page. If you’re going away for a vacation and don’t want to have the emails pile up, by all means, just click the stop button and then start it up again when you return.


Meditation Didn’t Move Forward

If the links do not advance to the next day, ensure that you completed the meditation and are connected to the internet when it completes. If it cannot connect back to the website when the audio ends, it will not be recorded as completed.

Wrong Time

While the website is supposed to “sense” your timezone, it may get it wrong.  If that’s the case, adjust the time you selected above, and then click the start button again.  So, if you selected noon the first time, but it arrives around 2pm, select 2 hours earlier (10am) and then it should work as you expect.

Double Emails

If you’re getting more than one reminder at a time, you need to click the STOP button, wait a couple minutes and then click the START button again (and choose the time).  If you accidentally click the start button twice, you might get two emails every day.


Hit reply to any of the emails if you’re having problems, that way we can see exactly what you’re seeing.